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SmartShip Ltd:
The sustainable solution

By building vessels light enough to navigate autonomously on solar energy, SmartShip Ltd. aims to develop solutions to today's ecological challenges: reducing global warming, offering fully emission-free transport, helping to reduce carbon dioxide and emissions of particulate matter.

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Our vessels not only offer a cost-effective, emission-free and sustainable means of budget-friendly water transport, suitable for both city and long distance distribution of people and goods, but also contribute to a reduction of traffic congestion on Europe’s motorways and in its major cities.

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SmartShip Ltd.:
Innovative solutions for sustainable water transport

Smarship Ltd. aims at developing innovative solutions for sustainable and budget-friendly transport. By building vessels light enough to navigate autonomously on solar energy on the only 'way' without traffic congestion -the waterway-, we help reducing emissions of CO2 and fine particles. Waterways offer solutions suitable for both city and long distance distribution of both people and goods.

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SmartShip Ltd.: We don’t want to miss the boat!

Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs are pivotal in the UN’s 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development. SmartShip Ltd. aims to make a contribution to reaching those goals.

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SmartShip Ltd.:
finished projects and projects in development

Solar shuttle
First ever vessel for transport of goods that autonomously navigates on solar energy.

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Recreational boating
SmartShip Ltd. builds various models for tourist trips ‘by boat’. You can discover Ghent in a unique and surprising way by renting a raft at VlotGent. In this way we try to create public awareness of alternative and sustainable means of transport.

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Sale and rental (for longer periods) of jetties and pontoons designed by professionals in accordance with the most recent norms. Seize, shape and design based on customer demands.

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Transport of fruit and vegetables into Ghent’s city centre via the river Lys.

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City distribution
Historically, many of Flanders’ and Europe’s cities are built in proximity to (an affluent of) waterways. It doesn’t take much of an effort to reintroduce the use of these large distribution ways. Dozens of European cities such as Ghent, Mechelen, Stockholm, Hanover and many more are suitable for the kind of water transport that SmartShip Ltd. offers.

Pick-up Point
Setting up mobile Pick-up Points in the city centre where locals can collect parcels and/or other goods on their way home, to work or to school, offers a solution to the problem of ‘vanification’ (traffic congestion caused by delivery vans in and around our cities) and contributes to calmer and safer city centres.

Transport of waste
Waterways are an interesting, sustainable and silent alternative to get tons of waste out of our cities without causing much hindrance to road traffic.

Transport of goods
Flanders and Holland own one of the world’s most efficient and elaborate networks of waterways. Using waterways more intensively for transport of goods, contributes to a sustainable and emission-free solution to the problem of traffic congestion on our motorways.

Autonomous navigation
In collaboration with universities and specialised companies, SmartShip Ltd. has enabled its first vessels to navigate autonomously (=without captain), making our product free of both fuel and labour costs.

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SmartShip Ltd.
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